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Industrial cybersecurity

Industrial cybersecurity is mainly specialized in the union of security of the OT environment (Operations Technology) and security of the IT network environment (Information Technology).

Industry 4.0, also called  intelligent industry , is considered the fourth industrial revolution and seeks to transform the company into an intelligent organization to achieve the best business results. 


But like any other interconnected system, they are potential targets for cyberattacks. Cybersecurity breaches can have far-reaching consequences for industrial organizations.

DTC Security helps you or protect your OT networks and their convergence with IT networks.
Main stages
Identify current situation

Initial analysis of compliance with the cybersecurity standard. In addition, it will also analyze the integration and convergence between the various solutions and infrastructure of the IT world in conjunction with those of the world of OT.

Detect the gap

Detect the cybersecurity gap between the current and desired state.

Vulnerability scanning

It contemplates the lifting of assets and their respective vulnerabilities in the OT, IT and IIoT networks.

Internal activities assurance

You define the goal or state you want to reach.

Risk Reports and their prioritization

According to the cybersecurity framework to be complied with, a cybersecurity strategy is defined for implementation according to the results of the security breach.


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